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Jane Win Lucky (Elephant) Original Pendant Coin 20"

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We like to think that optimism brings positivity around us, but sometimes good things just happen by chance, that's luck! Whether you are born with it or you are seeking more of it, being LUCKY comes in streaks. The focus of this pendant is an elephant with it's trunk up - a global symbol of luck - surrounded by the inscription "Bonne Chance". Wear it as a daily touchstone to remind you to look for the positive and more positive will come your way!

Coin pendant made of sterling silver dipped in 14k gold, measuring 1.2" in diameter.

DOUBLE SIDED: Elephant with inscription "Bonne Chance", JW logo and "LUCKY" Inscription on the other.

20" Adjustable Drawn Link Chain

About Jane Win
After the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, DC, Jane Winchester Paradis knew she wanted to start a jewelry company with the idea of lifting women up: selling jewelry made by women, for women, while enlisting the help of her daughters to help carry out her vision. Six years later, her whimsical namesake line of exquisite, heirloom-worthy keepsakes and vintage coin pendants is a reality. Each piece is meant to be treasured, mingled with your everyday layers, and worn on the regular.